Killarney – The Tourists Choice

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Killarney city sits alongside the County Kerry and is the city which is surrounded by lakes all around. There are several recreational activities that are held in this city and the waters around the city make it the most beautifully appreciated city by the tourists. If you want to relax, this is the city to be in. The town is slightly developed with buildings and hotels with breakfast in bed being famous, but it doesn’t lose its essence of natural beauty. Here are some incredible attractions you can look forward to and enjoy the natural beauties.


The island has been marked from the 7th century, though the times of the monasteries and seems to be very well settled as it will still make you feel like the old ancient times. It sits near the rock castle and is the go-to spot for the tourists as well as its locale. What left now are the ruins but they speak volumes of stories, about how it has been through so much. Innisfallen is very famous and remembered for the work of its wood and is often named as the “Woodland” of Ireland.

Killarney National Park and Lakes

The park is only 16 kilometers away from the castle of the Ross. However, the castle is considered to be a part of this heritage site and is maintained for over 100 years. The park can be explored on foot or you can go through the bike to the winding paths of the park. The end of the park marks the biggest lake all around the Killarney with beautiful red and green shaded water due to the algae. The entry to the park costs around a hundred Euros and the timings range from 9 am to 7 pm. The park itself organizes the breakfast scenes for its tourists.