Kanazawa – Majestic and Charming

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With several ancient temples and beautiful shrines, this exclusively charming city is based over the Sea of Japan and this one place should definitely not be missed. This city is very spectacularly preserved but its urban neighborhood is worth traveling through. Kanazawa includes districts belonging to the samurai and old geisha. This kind of place calls out to the visitors who are interested in the history of a place and its fantastic ancient architectures. The city was created in the old 16th century by the Maeda Family. The following places are a must visit.

Kanazawa Castle Park

This park was originally a whole area covering the Castle of Lord Maeda. However, the original castle was burned down and though some of the parts of it kept rebuilding over and over again, it could not match up to the original stature. However, even though the resemblance is out of the question, it still holds importance among the hearts of the locals. I managed to take the tour of the park and it was sublime. It served as an army base earlier, followed by a university campus. Around 1996 it was open for visitors to take a look at its legendary meanings. The admission to the park is free and the timing ranges from 8 am to 5 pm.  


Kenrokuen is the traditional Japanese park in Kanazawa city. It is very popular for maintaining its authenticity. It adjoins the Kanazawa castle beside it. This again belonged to the Maeda family. This park is breathtaking; you get to experience the freshness of ponds, the smell from the sakura trees. The highlights for the park were its amazing fountains, which would glow in the night. At night with no artificial lights used, it shines bright through the stone lanterns. Admission fee is 300 yen, from 7 am to 6 pm.

Kanazawa Railway Station

This station is the entry gates for the visitors to the beautiful city. The station houses a mega huge glass dome, which acts as an umbrella. The story behind it suggests that it symbolizes an umbrella so as to protect its visitors from recurring rainy days the city faces. The welcoming atmosphere here is very warm and respected. Arriving at the station will show the humongous wooden gate, which is reputed.