Hiroshima – The City of Comebacks

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The Hiroshima city will always be remembered for the tragic and disastrous atomic bomb which grounded the city on August 6th, 1945. The attack completely destroyed the complete city to the ground, and Hiroshima appreciatively pulled itself up and reconstructed into a more better and a modern bustling place, full of fun and life. Most of the visitors including me paid respects at the Peace Memorial park and visiting the remains. Apart from being remembered for the A-bomb attack, this city also boasts some amazing islands nearby with beautiful atmosphere.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

This was created as a symbol to forever peace. This park is located at the focal point of where the attack happened, in memories of those hundreds and thousands of innocent victims that were killed. Before the attack, this exact location used to bustle with people all the time. The park has various important memorials and monuments in connection to the fateful day’s events. More than a million visitors are housed by the park every year. The best part about the park was the Flame of peace; it really makes you feel its importance and effect.

Shukkeien Garden

This beautiful garden sits on the Ota River, it is an inexplicable example of tranquility and calm, which was made by the Asano Nagaarika, it was built in 1620. Firstly, it housed Emperor Meiji, and later it was open for the local public to visit. The park is filled with small water banks and ancient bridges that give it a very ragged look and beautiful the water for the small banks inside the park is collected from the Ota River. You can relax and go for a picnic with your family. It is very refreshing and calming.

Zoological Park

This park houses over 170 species of animals in the zoo. It was built back in 1971, and apart from obvious animals, it also holds certain small area monuments and museums which is spread across the 124 acres area. I was able to spot various animals including lions and giraffes. It was spectacular and a must visit. The entry for the zoo is worth 20 Japanese yen.