Never Miss these Sites on Your Visit to Da Nang

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Da Nang is a very attractive city in Vietnam which offers all kinds of attractions for the tourists. Be it attractive national parks or serene beaches or classic old pagodas, you will find everything here. This is why I recommend everyone to make it a point to visit Da Nang when planning a trip to Vietnam.

Places You Should Not Miss

  1. Marble Mountains

My trip to Da Nang was complete once I visited these mountains. It is located about 9 kilometers south of this wonderful city. There are 5 limestone peaks and a marble hill seen in these mountains. I climbed on top of the Marble Mountains and the scintillating view of the city and the beaches was a sight to behold.

  1. Pham Lam Pagoda

This Pagoda lies in a picturesque setting and is surrounded by lush green trees, well-maintained gardens, and attractive looking Buddhist statuaries. I loved the serene and calm atmosphere of this place, despite being situated in the heart of the city. The 1.1 meter Buddha statue at the courtyard should never be missed.

  1. Da Nang Cathedral

The Rooster Church in Da Nang is one of the most attractive landmark sights in this city. It is located on the Tran Phu Street and features eye-catching stained windows made of glass, pink colored structure, and most attractive bell tower with a rooster weathercock sitting on the top.

  1. My Khe Beach

If you love to bask in the glorious Vietnam sunshine and love to walk over 20 mile stretch of pure white sand, then this is the beach to visit. There are a lot of water activities that I tried out here like surfing, snorkeling, jet-skiing. There are plenty of resorts and restaurants around as well.

  1. Dragon Bridge

The major attraction in the city center is the Dragon Bridge. It is one that you should check out at nights. It is lit up at night and also spits fire during weekends.

Killarney – The Tourists Choice

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Killarney city sits alongside the County Kerry and is the city which is surrounded by lakes all around. There are several recreational activities that are held in this city and the waters around the city make it the most beautifully appreciated city by the tourists. If you want to relax, this is the city to be in. The town is slightly developed with buildings and hotels with breakfast in bed being famous, but it doesn’t lose its essence of natural beauty. Here are some incredible attractions you can look forward to and enjoy the natural beauties.


The island has been marked from the 7th century, though the times of the monasteries and seems to be very well settled as it will still make you feel like the old ancient times. It sits near the rock castle and is the go-to spot for the tourists as well as its locale. What left now are the ruins but they speak volumes of stories, about how it has been through so much. Innisfallen is very famous and remembered for the work of its wood and is often named as the “Woodland” of Ireland.

Killarney National Park and Lakes

The park is only 16 kilometers away from the castle of the Ross. However, the castle is considered to be a part of this heritage site and is maintained for over 100 years. The park can be explored on foot or you can go through the bike to the winding paths of the park. The end of the park marks the biggest lake all around the Killarney with beautiful red and green shaded water due to the algae. The entry to the park costs around a hundred Euros and the timings range from 9 am to 7 pm. The park itself organizes the breakfast scenes for its tourists.

Kanazawa – Majestic and Charming

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With several ancient temples and beautiful shrines, this exclusively charming city is based over the Sea of Japan and this one place should definitely not be missed. This city is very spectacularly preserved but its urban neighborhood is worth traveling through. Kanazawa includes districts belonging to the samurai and old geisha. This kind of place calls out to the visitors who are interested in the history of a place and its fantastic ancient architectures. The city was created in the old 16th century by the Maeda Family. The following places are a must visit.

Kanazawa Castle Park

This park was originally a whole area covering the Castle of Lord Maeda. However, the original castle was burned down and though some of the parts of it kept rebuilding over and over again, it could not match up to the original stature. However, even though the resemblance is out of the question, it still holds importance among the hearts of the locals. I managed to take the tour of the park and it was sublime. It served as an army base earlier, followed by a university campus. Around 1996 it was open for visitors to take a look at its legendary meanings. The admission to the park is free and the timing ranges from 8 am to 5 pm.  


Kenrokuen is the traditional Japanese park in Kanazawa city. It is very popular for maintaining its authenticity. It adjoins the Kanazawa castle beside it. This again belonged to the Maeda family. This park is breathtaking; you get to experience the freshness of ponds, the smell from the sakura trees. The highlights for the park were its amazing fountains, which would glow in the night. At night with no artificial lights used, it shines bright through the stone lanterns. Admission fee is 300 yen, from 7 am to 6 pm.

Kanazawa Railway Station

This station is the entry gates for the visitors to the beautiful city. The station houses a mega huge glass dome, which acts as an umbrella. The story behind it suggests that it symbolizes an umbrella so as to protect its visitors from recurring rainy days the city faces. The welcoming atmosphere here is very warm and respected. Arriving at the station will show the humongous wooden gate, which is reputed.

Ibagué: What to do and Where to Go?

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Not a touristy Columbian trail but is definitely worth a visit. The backdrop of natural beauty is a treat for the eyes. It is the capital city of the Tolima department where I found market, plazas, park, and botanical gardens. The plethoras of options signify that you are never going to run out of options. Take a quick look at the attractions you can check out when you are in Ibagué.

Plaza De Bolívar

Just as the other plazas, this too, is a great spot for gorging on street food and watching people. The attractive square with garden and fountain is bordered by government buildings and cathedral. I took a peek inside this cathedral. There are many coffee shops, restaurants, and dessert stores. Suggested by all locals, I made my way to a dessert shop to taste oblea, the sweet Columbian treat.

Museo La Martinica

Do you want to get a glimpse of nature? Visit this jumping point. Museo La Martinica is an excellent natural reserve only ten minutes away from the city. I hiked to the top of the hill, which is actually 2-3 hours of climb. If you want, you can also camp in here to watch wildlife. Other than this, you can go horseback riding, bird watching, abseiling, and rappelling. I also went mountain biking to explore the viewpoints. In case you want to relax, try out the spas and facilities offering swimming pool.


Tamales in this city are the best and I completely agree with this fact. Choose your favorite and sample it. The wrapped-up goodness is delectable. It is made from dough of cornmeal which is mixed with carrots, potatoes, chicken, egg, or pork. Thereafter, it is steamed inside a banana leaf. Lechona is my favorite one. It is slow cooked meat of pig having crispy skin that is stuffed with onion, rice, and spices.

Hiroshima – The City of Comebacks

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The Hiroshima city will always be remembered for the tragic and disastrous atomic bomb which grounded the city on August 6th, 1945. The attack completely destroyed the complete city to the ground, and Hiroshima appreciatively pulled itself up and reconstructed into a more better and a modern bustling place, full of fun and life. Most of the visitors including me paid respects at the Peace Memorial park and visiting the remains. Apart from being remembered for the A-bomb attack, this city also boasts some amazing islands nearby with beautiful atmosphere.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

This was created as a symbol to forever peace. This park is located at the focal point of where the attack happened, in memories of those hundreds and thousands of innocent victims that were killed. Before the attack, this exact location used to bustle with people all the time. The park has various important memorials and monuments in connection to the fateful day’s events. More than a million visitors are housed by the park every year. The best part about the park was the Flame of peace; it really makes you feel its importance and effect.

Shukkeien Garden

This beautiful garden sits on the Ota River, it is an inexplicable example of tranquility and calm, which was made by the Asano Nagaarika, it was built in 1620. Firstly, it housed Emperor Meiji, and later it was open for the local public to visit. The park is filled with small water banks and ancient bridges that give it a very ragged look and beautiful the water for the small banks inside the park is collected from the Ota River. You can relax and go for a picnic with your family. It is very refreshing and calming.

Zoological Park

This park houses over 170 species of animals in the zoo. It was built back in 1971, and apart from obvious animals, it also holds certain small area monuments and museums which is spread across the 124 acres area. I was able to spot various animals including lions and giraffes. It was spectacular and a must visit. The entry for the zoo is worth 20 Japanese yen.